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Are you looking for some dark, terrifying tales of poker players, demons and angels? Or maybe you want to soar into space for a grand adventure across a dangerous universe? If that sounds like just the thing, then pick up an M. E. Patterson novel; all are available on Amazon for Kindle, iOS and Android devices with the Kindle App, and in paperback. Some are even available in audiobook format! And, as always, catch up with me on Twitter and let me know what you think.

Devil’s Hand

Book 1 of the Drawing Thin series

bookformats-devilshand-dshad-kbrwinnerStart the Drawing Thin series with the winner of Kindle Book Review’s “Best Indie Horror of 2012.”

The lone survivor of a tragic airplane crash, Trent Hawkins inherited a supernatural lucky streak that made him famous, and hated, in the poker circles of the City of Sin. So the powers-that-be kicked his ass out.
Five years later, Trent and his wife return to Vegas, only to find themselves facing a demonic serial kidnapper, Armageddon-seeking angels, impossible shadow creatures, and an unholy blizzard that threatens to smother the city with ice.

And by some strange twist of luck, Trent’s the only one who can make things right. And he’s got his own dark secrets to deal with…

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Burning Cards

Book 2 of the Drawing Thin series

bookformats-burningcards-dshadIn the second book (after the award-winning Devil’s Hand) in this Kindle bestselling series, the world moves ever closer to Armageddon, as old friends and new foes turn against Trent, while his new charge, Celia, spirals dangerously out of control.

Six months after the terrifying blizzard that ravaged Las Vegas, Trent Hawkins finds himself deeper in despair than ever before, with his wife banished to the enigmatic Realms of Shadow, his new ‘daughter’ a constant test of his will, and his months of working for a demonic cabal grinding down his resolve. To make matters worse, his obsessive search for a way to return his wife to the land of the living takes a dark turn when he falls afoul of the mysterious Mr. Gadreel and the fire-wielding assassin in his employ. The truth of Trent’s own past and the supernatural underbelly of modern-day Vegas grow even stranger than before as Trent faces his foes, new and old, and the fate of all mankind may rest on his choices.

Meanwhile, in the Realms of Shadow, a surprising journey is undertaken–a journey that might be the key to saving Trent, Celia, and the world. Or, it could be the catalyst that ends everything.

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Song and Signal

Post-Helix series


Seventeen year-old genius Zakari Sharp has never stood on the surface of a planet, never seen a sun-streaked sky. He lives on a corporate-owned mining facility at the edge of the solar system, with a mute alien for a guardian and brainwashed, muscle-bound ex-convicts for company. The day his father vanished was so long ago that Zak thought he would never hear from him again.

Zak was wrong.

Now, chased off-station by a cabal of mythical assassins, Zak and his best friend Liz embark on a harrowing journey across the galaxy, to find his father’s hiding place and learn the universe-shaking discovery that hides with him. But their enemies will stop at nothing to steal the secret themselves.

Can a teenage boy change the fate of the universe? Or will a nanotech-wielding killer reach him first?

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